A Tribute to Frank McGuire

Establishing his business savvy mindset at a young age, Frank McGuire started working as an electrician right out of high school and attended UB full time. He took exciting chances at success such as installing the aircraft beacon light at the top of WBEN’s TV tower-a height taller than the Empire State Building! Frank always challenged himself to never settle for less than what he could set his mind to, and wasn’t afraid to implement the strong self-discipline to strike out on his own. This is exemplified in his founding of the Industrial Power and Lighting Corporation, and later the business pillars of trust, transparency and top customer service instilled in the operation of the five-star rated McGuire Group Health Care Facilities.

Frank is quoted in a 1984 article from the Buffalo Business Journal saying: “An entrepreneur must be able to motivate others, to give that extra sacrifice.” From his beginnings at Industrial Power and Lighting Corporation, to providing high quality health care options for our communities and multi-million dollar real estate deals in Florida, Buffalo and beyond, Frank established business opportunities alongside contributing time and resources to our Western New York community. His respected reputation in the region was a direct correlation to his past efforts working on the Greater Buffalo Chamber of Commerce, Erie County Industrial Development Agency, NYS Urban Development Corporation, WNY Economic Development Corporation, philanthropic support to institutions such as Roswell Park, Kaleida Health, The Diocese of Buffalo, Sisters of Mercy, The Irish Classical Theater, Community Foundation of Western New York and many more. Frank was key in obtaining the $22.5 million grant to build downtown Buffalo’s Pilot Field- currently Sahlen Field, and keeping the Buffalo Bills team in Buffalo in 1998 by securing a 10 year commitment selling leases for the present day suites. His leadership, advice and influence was critical for designations such as Buffalo General Hospital’s heart transplant center and Empire of America Federal Savings Bank national headquarter relocation to Buffalo.

In 1974, an interviewer profiling Frank asked if he planned to retire soon, his response: “Never! Buffalo’s my city and I plan to keep on living and working here.” Frank was true to his word and worked until his last day. Throughout his career, Frank understood the importance of connecting with his employees and treating them like family. He sent personalized monthly letters for work anniversaries, hand-written notes of congratulations and took a sincere interest in the lives of those in his employ. His grit, fearlessness and determination will be missed at our companies and across WNY.

We would like to express our deepest condolences to Jim, Jackie and the rest of the McGuire family during this extremely difficult time; you are in our thoughts and prayers. 

Click the attached link to read an article printed in The Buffalo Newshttps://buffalonews.com/news/frank-j-mcguire-92-longtime-entrepreneur-and-mcguire-group-chairman/article_4f7956f2-c04b-11ea-875d-3bd7d8076af0.html